Joint Theory Seminar

Tuesday 14:00-15:00



Date Location Title Speaker Abstract
07.03.2023 TU Three-dimensional gravity in the BV-BFV formalism Giovanni Canepa In this talk I will give a brief introduction to the BV-BFV formalism for quantum field theories. Subsequently, I will present the BV-BFV formulation of three-dimensional general relativity in the Einstein Cartan variables and draw a connection with BF and Chern-Simons theories. This talk is based on arXiv:1905.09333, a joint work with Michele Schiavina.
14.03.2023 UV Relative entropy and dynamical black holes Edoardo D'Angelo Since the discovery of the Bekenstein-Hawking formula, there had been many attempts to derive the entropy of black holes from the entanglement between the degrees of freedom inside and outside the event horizon. This entanglement entropy reproduces the area-law, but it suffers from divergences in the continuum limit. In this talk, I show how to derive the Bekenstein-Hawking entropy from the relative entropy, which is well-defined also for continuum theories such as QFT, in the case of dynamical, spherically symmetric black holes. I first review the algebraic quantization of a free scalar field on curved space-times, and show how to compute its relative entropy from the initial data at infinity. Using the back-reaction of a free, scalar quantum field on the metric, I show that a variation in the relative entropy between coherent states of the field produces a variation of one-quarter of the black hole horizon area.
21.03.2023 TU Galilean and Carrollian limits of non-relativistic strings Gerben Oling I will present and analyze two novel classes of non-relativistic string actions. Non-relativistic string theory usually refers to a particular limit of string theory that results in a non-relativistic spectrum, as I will briefly review from a modern geometrical perspective. However, the worldsheet geometry of such strings is still Lorentzian. Motivated in part by decoupling limits of N=4 SYM, I will introduce two related constructions that lead to novel classes of non-relativistic strings with Galilean and Carrollian structures on the worldsheet, respectively. Time permitting, I will briefly present their Hamiltonian constraint analysis, and I will comment on their potential relevance for accessing new solvable subsectors of AdS/CFT.
28.03.2023 Robert Brandenberger
18.04.2023 Eleanor Harris
02.05.2023 Geoffrey Compère
09.05.2023 Karapet Mkrtchyan
16.05.2023 Gautam Satishchandran
23.05.2023 Emanuel Malek
06.06.2023 Nicolas Boulanger
13.06.2023 Rocco D'Agostino
27.06.2023 Patricio Salgado-Rebolled



The Joint Theory Seminar is held alternately at the University of Vienna and the Technische Universität Wien, either on site or online via Zoom.

The Topic of the seminar is recent theoretical research in the areas of mathematical physics, high energy physics, physics of fundamental interactions and particle physics.

The target audience for the talks are PhDs, postdocs and faculty members.

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How to participate


Anyone can attend. To receive the link to the Zoom meeting please contact one of the organizers.

Giving a talk

If you want to give a talk contact Romain or Emmanuele.


Daniel Grumiller
Associate Prof. Dr.techn.

Black holes and holography

Technische Universität Wien

Stefan Fredenhagen
Univ.-Prof. Dr.

Mathematical physics

University of Vienna

Romain Ruzziconi
Postdoctoral researcher

Black holes and holography

Technische Universität Wien

Emmanuele Battista
Postdoctoral researcher

Mathematical physics

University of Vienna